Course Contents - Mental Health Awareness At Work

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Module 2 Module 2 - The Course Lessons

This module contains all of the lesson units that make up the complete course.

Work your way through all of the lessons in this module. Be sure to follow the instructions in each individual lesson and complete the quizzes at the end of each unit.

Lesson 1 Introduction to Mental Health & Mental Stigma  
Lesson 2 Mental Health & Mental Well-being (Including nutrition)  
Lesson 3 Stress (Comfort Break)  
Lesson 4 The Importance Of Taking a Break & Depression  
Lesson 5 Anxiety  
Lesson 6 Suicide  
Lesson 7 Fitting in Fitness for Mental Health  
Lesson 8 Psychosis  
Lesson 9 Schizophrenia  
Lesson 10 Bipolar  
Lesson 11 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  
Lesson 12 Eating Disorders  
Lesson 13 Self Harm  
Lesson 14 Stepping Away & Stretching  
Lesson 15 How to Support Others With Mental Health Problems  
Lesson 16 Effects of Helping Others  
Lesson 17 Relaxation  
Lesson 18 Resilience & Recovery